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10 of the best and worst of Victoria Beckham's fashion As metro celebrates its tenth anniversary who better to reflect the ups and downs of fashion trends over the past decade than of course the pouting queen herself victoria beckham.We look back at her progress from cheap to chic. The life of victoria beckham over the past decade has continuously been in the paparazzo spotlight. In 2009 vb finally fulfilled her life long dream of becoming a successful fashion designer, after winning rave reviews at new york fashion week for her new collection. But she hasn always been the queen of style.Metro takes a look back at her transformation from fashion flop to fashion icon. Victoria beckham completes her transformation into new york fashion week icon after her successful collection is revealed Her rise to fame kicked off in the 1990s making statements with pop tart outfits as tight and short as they came. Although it gave her the much sort after fame she strived for, the life of a fashionista a lister looked completely out of reach. In her early spice girls days posh showed off her controversial cleavage with unbuttoned jackets, exposing lacy lingerie and chunky jewelry, a look that drew attention but not respect. Back in victoria early career as a spice girl, her taste in fashion wasn as obvious When the millennium approached in the year 2000, a skinny posh was still sporting the shortest chritianlouboutinoutletuk dresses possible and who could blame her with those legs.But she still had a long way to go to impress us with her style. Things started to look up in 2002 when vb tried a more sophisticated look and in 2003 she was finally invited to the british style awards, looking glamorous in a red ruffled gown. In 2005 vb stepped out in an amazing roberto cavalli gown, making waves on the red carpet. Mrs beckham has always been a fan of push up bra and tight dresses for maximum cleavage By now she was a true a lister and designer apparel was no stranger to posh. International designers wanted her to wear their latest collections and she started doing some modeling for the likes of versace on the catwalk. Victoria is in hollywood but still struggles to pull it off as a fashion a lister Did she want us to look at her cleavage or her skinny pins?Who knows but her silver pigalle christian louboutin pumps were definitely doing those legs justice. In 2008 vb had become an important influence in the fashion industry and marked her status on the cover of russian vogue. In 2009 victoria influence on the international fashion world is shown as she appears on the cover of russian vogue By now christian louboutin daffodile her transformation was almost complete. Bringing us to new york fashion week in 2009, vic had finally made a full makeover into a fashion idol when her line of dresses debuted in the big apple and were applauded by the industry. Now not only her personal wardrobe is admired by millions but celebrities like heidi klum have been spotted out wearing her popular collection. To see the full timeline of her transformation from 1999 to 2009 here! Sexi'm average looking, kind and live at home:Why can't i find love and romance?Top 10ssarah beeney's top 9 tips on avoiding a clichd valentine's day On the blogswhen honesty isn't the best policy 6 lies it's ok to tellas kids, we're taught that lying is bad and we christian louboutin outlet uk should always be honest.