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Gove is not the real problem The national union of teachers is expected to follow suit at their conference over the easter weekend. Also this week, the nut has demanded that teachers should spend no more than four hours a day on contact time(By which i assume they mean teaching);And the unions have expressed their dislike ralph lauren polo shirts of ofsted inspections, on the grounds that they for the poor teachers. Isn that what called being accountable in the outside world? If any professions need to be subject to change and to close monitoring, teaching is certainly up there and michael gove, in refusing to kowtow to the unions, is doing a good job. His proposals for a return to teaching facts by rote bode well.The only way to acquire the building blocks of a sound education is to be taught the basics:From how to structure a sentence to learning the times tables. Only when those basics have been drummed into pupils, can they then move on to the process of analysing information, to critical thinking and independent study. Over the past few decades people ideas about education have become confused.Even junior school pupils are now referred to as students.Pupils are taught;Students study.It is not the other way round.Calling eightyearolds students is simply silly. At the same time, exam grade inflation does not mean that the british population has (More Here) become bettereducated. Anyone who thinks otherwise need only take a cursory look at any facebook conversation or other similar online comments threads.A good 95 per cent of everything one reads there will contain winceinducing spelling and grammatical errors galore. Sadly, there are many thousands of people who are now barely literate.Worse, a growing sector of society believes it doesn matter an example of this being the daft council in devon which recently attempted to abolish apostrophes on the ludicrous grounds that they can be most jawdropping recent example of this country educational dumbingdown came in a letter from a concerned parent to the sunday times. Her daughter homework had been returned by the teacher, with the comment could of wrote more teachers can master the basics of literacy and numeracy, then what hope have their poor pupils got? Instead of calling for mr gove resignation, the teaching unions should perhaps look to themselves for a reason for the decline in standards of education. I suggest we give them a hundred lines:Should of done better. First published at 16:16, Wednesday, 27 March 2013University graduates with a high level of education?I know a few university graduates with a high level of education who can't spell, thats the problem with education its turning into a judgemental class system where anyone who didn't go to university is classed as stupid which is nonesense, some people choose to not go to university because they realise it's not worth the debt.I think it says more about a person who works their way up from the bottom.Maybe if teachers stop pushing kids into the mindset of 'university is your only hope' we'll have better rounded individuals who can acutally 'work' rather than brag about how many letters they have after their name.Most of the world's most instellectually gifted and richest people were university drop outs.Zuckerberg/gates/jon snow/ralph lauren/steve jobs/albert einstein!